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At the heart of my research lies the question how can we create a more effective and equitable government? Combining insights from public management, organizational behavior, and social equity, my work focuses within the context of criminal justice to (a) identify and locate negative and adverse outcomes; (b) understand the causes and consequences of such outcomes; and (c) ultimately, uncover what works to improve outcomes for all while maintaining effectiveness.


I am always interested in finding answers to new and intriguing questions. Below is a brief description of three of my current research projects.

  • Understanding the Impact of COVID-19 on First Responders

    • This project seeks to identify the ways in which public health emergencies impact the nature of work and responsibilities for first responders as well as identify ways to mitigate negative psychosocial impacts.

  • Examining Police Officers' Racial, Ethnic, and Gender Identity Salience and Conflict

    • This project sheds light on the multiple identities of police officers, with specific attention on how occupational and personal identities are formed, how identities may conflict, and the impacts thereof on decision-making. ​​

  • Isolating the Affective and Behavioral Impacts of Police Departments'  Architectural Design

    • Using a survey experiment, this project explores how the physical design of police buildings influences community perceptions of and interaction with departments, particularly as it pertains to crime reporting.  

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